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Welcome to The Adventure Playlist and

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To me, travel is a lot more than just jumping on a plane and visiting a destination. It's about the full experience - the food you eat, the books you read, the music you listen to. So, while The Adventure Playlist is all about the places - the breathtakingly stunning and awe-inspiring spots that this wonderful world has to offer - it's also about building the full package to create memorable trips or days out that will be treasured for a lifetime, whatever the time frame or budget.

As very few of us can pack up our lives and take up a nomadic lifestyle to explore the world, The Adventure Playlist focuses on travel that fits around your everyday. Most Brits have approximately 25 days annual leave a year, and for and many of us those few weeks off are what we live for, so this site is all about celebrating that time and finding ways to make the most out of it. 


Whether you're planning a two-week road trip around sunny California or a day out on the rugged Dorset coast; a luxury honeymoon in South Africa or a visit to rural Wales on a tight budget, The Adventure Playlist is here to offer suggested itineraries, travel tips and music / book lists to accompany your voyage!


About Me

I'm Katy, a British 30-something with a love of the great outdoors, yoga and photography! I live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, with my husband Adam, our daughter and two mad cats.

You could say I caught the 'travel bug' in 2007 when I was 18 and went on my first big trip in a year out between school and university. Yes, I was a 'gap yah' kid and my first introduction to travel was doing tours around New Zealand and China. However, I was completely intoxicated by the freedom and possibility of being able to start the day in a humid jungle setting and end it watching the sunset across a high-rise city skyline; the excitement of trying new food and drink in exotic locations and the satisfying challenge of climbing mountains to experience out-of-this-world views. I was hooked.



In 2014, after graduating and moving to London, I shared my love of globe-trotting to my now husband, Adam, and after planning and saving for a year, we temporarily left the big smoke together for four months of trekking, sky-diving (him, not me!), sand-boarding and snorkelling. Having fallen head over heels for New Zealand, I was so excited to return and share this special place with Adam, and together we explored the Land of the Long White Cloud, as well as the east coast of Australia, the idyllic islands of Fiji and the dramatic landscapes in South America.


Now back in the UK with full-time 'grown-up' jobs and a mortgage, those four months can often seem like a distant memory, but that makes each trip we do now even more important and meaningful. I love planning our next adventure and am excited to share my stories and experiences with like-minded explorers.


A Little Help From My Friends

As no man is an island (though I'm sure most of us would like to be on one...), I'll also be asking those closest to me to share their own amazing travel tips and experiences in guest posts.


We're all made up of the inspirational people around us and I'm so excited to hear about their adventures as much as share my own with you all. Equally, if you'd like to tell your own story or add anything to a blog post (a restaurant you loved, hotel you stayed at, must-see landmark etc.), please do get in touch - I'd love to hear from you.

Katy x

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