3 Tips for planning the perfect honeymoon

Break the mould and make the most of the ultimate romantic getaway!

Create a Honeymoon gift list

Most couples have already lived together for years once we get married nowadays, so gone are the days of being bought a toaster from your Aunt and a crockery set from your new In-Laws. Instead, ask your loved ones to contribute to memories that you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives. Many travel agents now offer a personalised gift list tailored to your trip and activities which can be a great way of both helping with the cost of your honeymoon and involving your family and friends in your trip of a lifetime. You can even send them personalised thank you postcards showing them the amazing activities you enjoyed.

Plan for the time of year

Your dream may be to go whale watching on the coast of South Africa or swim with manta ray in Fiji, but if these opportunities aren’t in season when you plan to travel, you may be left sorely disappointed. If your heart is set on these activities and your wedding date doesn’t match up, you can always postpone the honeymoon to a later date. More and more couples are opting for a mini-moon straight after the wedding, with their big trip later in the year when they’ve had time to recover (and save up again!). Equally, if you plan to spend your honeymoon basking in the sun, check when the rainy seasons are.

Make time to relax

As much as you may want to explore every inch of your honeymoon destination, after the stresses of wedding planning and buzz of the big day, the first activity on your list will no doubt be to relax! Make sure you allow enough time to drink (and eat) it all in, as well as ticking everything off your itinerary. And don’t feel guilty about spending an afternoon just reading a book or sitting on the beach. You’ve earned it!

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