Visiting Sights On Your Doorstep

Why my goal for this year is to explore more of the UK.

Scotney Castle, Kent

If you’re anything like me, you often spend lots of time planning trips to far-flung destinations and exploring new cities, but sometimes forget to visit the sites on your own doorstep. It’s all too easy to dismiss going to places near where you live, telling yourself ‘I can go there anytime!’ but then end up knowing your way around a location of the other side of the world better than one 20 miles away.

With this in mind, one of my goals for this year was to visit more sites closer to home. This has been helped hugely by our wonderful National Trust membership (courtesy of my lovely mother-in-law last Christmas) which I’m certain we’ve got our money’s worth from in just the last four months alone, visiting beautiful spots including Scotney Castle, Bateman’s and Bodiam Castle, all of which we within 45 minutes of our house.

I feel really lucky to this is a place with so much culture, history and beautiful scenery so will be doing more posts in the coming months about some of the stunning spots the UK has to offer. Stay tuned for more!

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